Meet Our Team


Debra McNealy Hoelscher has always had a special interest in our bodies and how they work. That is what started her career in the health service industry 35 years ago. Beginning as an office administrator in a single doctor office, she quickly grew that clinic to one of the busiest in the country due to her philosophy and focus of not just meeting patients expectations but exceeding them and the implementation of patient/client experience and service above all else. Because she and her husband wanted more people to have the opportunity to experience quality chiropractic care, they opened 4 additional clinics in the United States and one in Saipan,Micronesia( a US commonwealth).

Deb quickly started looking for bigger ways to serve. In 2013, she was recruited to develop a training curriculum for a group of 24 healthcare offices in South East Asia and relocated to Singapore. It was her time in Singapore that she started to realize her own Lifestyle changes and improvement in overall health. “The food was healthier and consisted of real food, not “artificial ingredients”, the portion sizes were accurate and walking was a way of life! After returning to the US, she quickly realized how the US lifestyle was negatively affecting her own health as she gained weight, felt fatigued often and experienced some depression and anxiety.

Looking for answers , she started researching and was astonished by the rates of obesity and obesity related illnesses in the US. She realized the role food plays in our overall health and how our “typical” lifestyle effects our health. She started looking for solutions. At the time, she was working as the Director of Training for a group of healthcare offices and starting asking the doctors of those clinics about their patients and the biggest obstacles they faced and the answer was obesity. She was asked to find a “diet plan” that would be good to implement into the clinic. As she researched all the different “weight loss” programs available she became dismayed with the overall success rates, especially over time. This motivated her to find a “lasting” solution. Her research found that pre-packaged food meals, severe caloric reduction, shakes, drops and pills, gastric bypass and lap band surgery did result in weight loss but only for a short time for most people. She concluded that the only way to lose weight and keep it off was to adopt a new way of living. “Our lifestyle choices got us here, and it’s only lifestyle changes that will get us out.”

Being a certified Life Coach, YogaFit 1 instructor a certified Health Coach thru Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she developed the Nourish Lifestyle Plan. The Nourish program focuses on 3 main areas we believe crucial to permanent weight loss:

Real Food
Gentle Movement
Emotional Triggers associated with eating

We focus on the lifestyle of each individual and believe in taking small steps to lead out clients to success. Our goal is that you embrace a new way of living so you never have to “diet again!” At Nourish Lifestyle Centers, we understand that there is not one plan that is right for everyone.
We work to determine what the best option is for you! We are not the ONLY weight loss plan for most people, but, for some, we are the BEST. If we can help you we will tell you and if we feel we can’t we will do our best to make a recommendation that we feel would be best for you. We
understand that there is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to weight loss. Deb’s passion for empowering and inspiring people is evident in all that she does! She is the founder of Boomerangs and Butterflies( . FB ) a group to inspire, empower and help women to transform their lives. She is honored to have been given the opportunity to speak internationally and have her work published and is considered to be an influencer in today’s health, wellness and motivational realm.


Amy found her way to clean eating after almost losing her life, literally. Running a bistro cafe and wine shop in downtown Bloomington and a catering business, working long hours, and raising two kids on her own, led her to a an unexpected admission at the hospital and the dual diagnosis of anxiety and depression. Since she didn’t feel comfortable with the roller coaster effect of all the meds she had been prescribed, she started researching nutrition and discovered that it was her lifestyle that was making her sick. It was shortly thereafter that she joined the Nourish team and has been a valuable member ever since. Drawing on her experience as a chef and restaurant owner, she started developing recipes and serving food that was made from real ingredients for the Nourish clients and started sharing that knowledge with others through her healthy cooking classes in the Bloomington Nourish kitchen.

Shortly after marrying her soulmate, Mike, and having Cayden, they moved to Colorado for Mike to pursue a career opportunity, and they’ve been on the go ever since. Not only did Amy lose twenty pounds, she got her energy back, and was able to discontinue all her meds (with her doctor’s approval, of course.)

Amy is our Executive chef and takes all your favorite recipes and makes them healthy using real ingredients. She is passionate about the role that whole foods play in a person’s overall wellness and the effect that diet can have not only on one’s weight, but overall health. She loves the challenge of taking a unhealthy food and recreating it in a healthy appetizing way, and now, due to the wonders of modern technology, can work one on one with clients via video from her home in Colorado!

“You do not have to be vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, whatever –you just need to eat real whole foods, and I can show you how”.


After over 30 years as a chiropractor, I realized one of my frustrations was that even if we were able to get a patient into great shape structurally and functionally, patients were never as good as they could be if they were carrying an extra 50-100 lbs (or more) of weight. Sometimes patients were able to lose the weight by themselves, but sometimes they just didn’t know how. For several years we thought the plans that offered prepackaged food were the answer. Although it was expensive, at least they lost the weight. The problem was that once they stopped using the prepackaged food, they gained the weight right back. We’ve spent the last ten years researching and evaluating. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

Not any one plan works for everybody—- because we’re all different! Our genetics are different and some people are sensitive to different foods, some people aren’t. Different exercises work better for some people than others; some people are more sensitive to soy products than others; some people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight; some people can eat nothing, and can’t stop gaining weight.That’s why different weight management plans work better for some people than others.

We know accountability is important, but that style of accountability is critical. For some of us all we need is a food calorie chart, a scale, and a calendar. Some people are tech savvy; some people are “social butterflies, some people are both.

To get the best results for the longest period of time, we must analyze several factors:

a) Food sensitivity
b) DNA
c) fat/muscle ratio
d) Style of accountability most effective

It starts with a thorough consultation to determine and evaluate what’s been tried and what’s worked and what hasn’t. If you haven’t tried to lose weight on your own, that’s where you should start. If that doesn’t work, we look at your options together. We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for people especially if it’s not us. We only ask that you’ll tell others. We turn down more people as clients than we accept and we think it’s important everyone know that.


It’s been said she’s like a ray of sunshine when she walks into a room. “Her bright smile can light the whole place up.” Combining her medical training with her personal experiences has made Kim a perfect coach for Nourish. Adding yoga,  meditation, and experience as a health and life coach to work in the conventional medical world has created an invaluable asset for clients. Combine that with the compassion and generosity that it takes to donate a kidney to your mother, and it’s little wonder that her husband, children, and first grandchild (!) look to her for inspiration.

Most of the Nourish coaches have personal experience with weight issues, and Kim is no exception. She understands what it’s like to use food as a solution for emotional stress, even when you’re not hungry. More importantly, she knows what you need to do to get that under control, and modify your lifestyle so you can be happy with who you are, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Pam has always had a special interest in the challenges faced by the busy executive…because she’s lived those challenges herself! She knows first hand that convenience can be the enemy of weight management.  She’s discovered: It doesn’t have to be that way!

As a result of the challenges facing someone who is trying to manage her weight but always in a hurry, she has more experience with different programs than the rest of the team put together.  Our team realizes that when it comes to effective sustainable weight management programs, “one size does not fit all.” Some of us are very tech savvy while some of us choose not to even own a smart phone.  Some of are so self reliant, all we need is a calendar and a scale, but for others, an accountability partner is a necessary component.  That’s why Pam has put together a chart of the different weight loss programs so we can find the one that we think would be the best fit for each individual.

Our system starts with a consultation to determine the ultimate goal of an individual.  For most of us, it’s weight management, but, for some, it’s learning how to eat healthy, how to teach our children to eat healthy. We want to know what we’re putting in our bodies, and why.

If weight management is our goal, then we want to determine what’s been tried, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and why it’s failed. Obviously, we’re not the only weight loss program out there. Our goal is to find the one that’s best for you.  Most folks can manage their weight by making a few simple changes in their lifestyle. We’ve turned away more clients than we’ve accepted because we’re not the right solution for most folks.  They can either do it on their own by going online for tips or following the recommendations in our free report, or by connecting with any one of the other programs out there.

The clients that qualify for our program are people who’ve tried most everything else out there, and still can’t lose their unwanted pounds.  It was their lifestyle that got them where they are, and it’s only changes in their lifestyle that will get them out of there. But we’ve discovered that to be sustainable, it must start with small steps. Too big of a change, and we all give up. Because we’re human.

Because we are human, we can make choices; we can make healthy choices.


Marty Karoly has always been fascinated with how the body works. It’s that fascination that caused her to pursue and obtain a degree in exercise physiology. When she started working in a chiropractic office, “it was like a dream come true! Watching people achieve their health goals without drugs or surgery made perfect sense. The idea that we were born to be healthy, and would be healthy, unless something interfered really resonated with me. I found out that all a chiropractor does, is just remove that interference, and the body does the rest.”

Even though Marty witnessed miracle after miracle, she was troubled by the fact that not all changes were permanent. She started noticing that the more stress placed on a nervous system, the more likely the problems were to return. Her learned that stress could come in three forms: mental/emotional, physical, and chemical. Sometimes the physical stress was from a job, like moving heavy boxes for work. But sometimes the stress on the spine came from excess weight. When she would mention this to patients, invariably they would say something like; “I want to lose weight; I just don’t know how.” It was around that time that she decided if there ever was an opportunity to help people lose weight, she was going to do it! That time occurred several years ago when her former employer, Deb Hoelscher, asked if she would be interested in helping with launching a lifestyle program whose purpose was to help people achieve the weight that was healthy for them. She said yes, and has never looked back.

Although, as a former athlete, Marty has never had a weight issue herself, most of her friends have. She could never figure out what works for one person, doesn’t work for another. Why some people can eat whatever they want all day long, while other people gain weight just by looking at food. Deb, who is certified by the Integrative Nutrition Institute explained that it all has to do with food sensitivities and genetic makeup. “Once we know a person’s genetic makeup and food sensitivities, we can design a custom plan that will work for them.”