Meet Our Team


Debra McNealy Hoelscher has always had a special interest in our bodies and how they work. That is what started her career in the health service industry 35 years ago. Beginning as an office administrator in a single doctor office, she quickly grew that clinic to one of the busiest in the country due to her philosophy and focus of not just meeting patients expectations but exceeding them and the implementation of patient/client experience and service above all else. Because she and her husband wanted more people to have the opportunity to experience quality chiropractic care, they opened 4 additional clinics in the United States and one in Saipan,Micronesia( a US commonwealth).

Deb quickly started looking for bigger ways to serve. In 2013, she was recruited to develop a training curriculum for a group of 24 healthcare offices in South East Asia and relocated to Singapore. It was her time in Singapore that she started to realize her own Lifestyle changes and improvement in overall health. “The food was healthier and consisted of real food, not “artificial ingredients”, the portion sizes were accurate and walking was a way of life! After returning to the US, she quickly realized how the US lifestyle was negatively affecting her own health as she gained weight, felt fatigued often and experienced some depression and anxiety.

Looking for answers , she started researching and was astonished by the rates of obesity and obesity related illnesses in the US. She realized the role food plays in our overall health and how our “typical” lifestyle effects our health. She started looking for solutions. At the time, she was working as the Director of Training for a group of healthcare offices and starting asking the doctors of those clinics about their patients and the biggest obstacles they faced and the answer was obesity. She was asked to find a “diet plan” that would be good to implement into the clinic. As she researched all the different “weight loss” programs available she became dismayed with the overall success rates, especially over time. This motivated her to find a “lasting” solution. Her research found that pre-packaged food meals, severe caloric reduction, shakes, drops and pills, gastric bypass and lap band surgery did result in weight loss but only for a short time for most people. She concluded that the only way to lose weight and keep it off was to adopt a new way of living. “Our lifestyle choices got us here, and it’s only lifestyle changes that will get us out.”

Being a certified Life Coach, YogaFit 1 instructor a certified Health Coach thru Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she developed the Nourish Lifestyle Plan. The Nourish program focuses on 3 main areas we believe crucial to permanent weight loss:

Real Food
Gentle Movement
Emotional Triggers associated with eating

We focus on the lifestyle of each individual and believe in taking small steps to lead out clients to success. Our goal is that you embrace a new way of living so you never have to “diet again!” At Nourish Lifestyle Centers, we understand that there is not one plan that is right for everyone.
We work to determine what the best option is for you! We are not the ONLY weight loss plan for most people, but, for some, we are the BEST. If we can help you we will tell you and if we feel we can’t we will do our best to make a recommendation that we feel would be best for you. We
understand that there is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to weight loss. Deb’s passion for empowering and inspiring people is evident in all that she does! She is the founder of Boomerangs and Butterflies( . FB ) a group to inspire, empower and help women to transform their lives. She is honored to have been given the opportunity to speak internationally and have her work published and is considered to be an influencer in today’s health, wellness and motivational realm.

Dr. Chris Hoelscher

Chris Hoelscher is our science guy.  He and Deb started Eastland Chiropractic in 1984 and have helped tens of thousands of patients achieve their healthcare goals.

Although he retired from active practice in 2017, he’s always maintained an active interest in biology, chemistry and physics, and how they affect our bodies. He knew there had to be a reason some patients could eat almost anything and still not gain a pound, while others only had to look at food and their waistline would start to expand.  He found out that not all of us are the same because of our genetics (DNA), and that not all foods affect us the same (food sensitivity). 

He also believes that achieving any goal including weight management, starts with knowing where you’re at and that’s where the InBody scale comes in.  “It’s not just about the number on the bathroom scale. It’s what the pounds are made of, that’s important.” With the InBody scale we can do a four point assessment and find out how many of those pounds are muscle and how many are fat, and develop a plan that will help us achieve our goals. “We didn’t get here overnight, and we aren’t going to get where we want to, overnight, either.

The secret to sustainable weight management through Lifestyle change is setting reasonable goals. If we’re maintaining our current weight, and a pound of fat is 3500 calories, then we need to reduce our caloric intake by 500 calories a day to lose one pound, and 1000 calories a day to lose two pounds in a week.  Those are reasonable achievable goals.

Paul Unes – Fitness Expert

Paul Unes is a Fitness Expert who in addition to contributing to The Nourish Lifestyle on the exercise side of things, also runs his own business called Unum Fitness.  We are so lucky to have Paul on board here at Nourish.  He brings to our company a wealth of experience on how to stay fit, healthy, and happy by simple exercises that anyone can master and begin to have more energy than they have felt in a long time.

Kim – Mindfulness Expert

Kim is one of the kindest souls, and she is an essential part of The Nourish Lifestyle with her Mindfulness expertise.

With her background as an RN, she is able to see lifestyle and the need for changes from a medical perspective. Although she has been a nurse for decades, she realizes there’s a lot more to health than drugs and surgery. 

While those are certainly appropriate in a lot of cases, it’s how we think about our condition and the proposed solution that has a bigger effect on the outcome than we ever realized. Kim has devoted her life to exploring how our attitude affects virtually our whole life.

Because the Nourish Lifestyle encompasses the three components required for sustainable change: the foods we take in, the movement we make, and the attitude towards our life and lifestyle, Kim can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your attitude towards not just food (although that’s usually a big part), but also, just life in general. 


Marty has  spent almost her entire life involved in the healthcare field. First as senior Chiropractic Assistant, she headed up the team at Eastland Chiropractic and Wellness for over 10 years.  Then, when she moved to southern Illinois, she took her skills to a Pain Clinic down there where they hope to keep her until she retires. 

It’s the perfect job for Marty, because it still leaves her time to devote to Nourish and the Nourish Lifestyle.  With her background and experience in exercise physiology, she is able to answer with authority the questions that invariably come up regarding movement and exercise when clients are not only just starting to adopt the Nourish Lifestyle, but later when our bodies start to change., and our needs change.