Bring The Nourish Difference to Your Practice

As a health care provider in today’s world you are no doubt aware of our country’s troubling trends in obesity, diabetes and other inflammatory conditions.

Two reports from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention stated that 38% of ALL adults and 17% of all teens in the U.S. are obese, and another third of Americans are overweight.

We’re all concerned. As professionals in the healthcare field we’re frustrated with the obesity epidemic and the exponential rise in related health conditions and diseases.

Eighty-eight thousand dollars is being spent on weight loss every minute in the US. An increasing number of people are seeking weight management support from their healthcare providers rather than from outside sources.

The question is not if you should use a program in your practice but which one is right for you and your patients. Why not implement a sustainable program that will serve your current patients, greatly improve the health of your community, and increase your revenue?

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